Other local groups

Friends of Morningside Cemetery

This was created as a Sub-Committee of the Community Council in February 2017 with the aims of protecting and improving Morningside Cemetery.  In February 2019) it became an independent group Friends of Morningside Cemetery, chaired by the former Convenor of the sub-committee Ted Duvall.


Morningside Heritage Association 

Morningside Heritage Association was established in 1982 on the initiative of Charles Smith, who lived in the area for much of his life and wrote extensively on the history of Morningside and South Edinburgh.


Friends of Hermitage of Braid 

The Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill Local Nature Reserve is an area of natural beauty in Edinburgh, Scotland, managed by City of Edinburgh Forestry and Natural Heritage.


Astley Ainslie Community Trust

AACT aims to build on the intention of David Ainslie’s original bequest, which recognised that healthy communities need intimate connections with land and nature. Whilst the hospital services will move, health and wellbeing will be central to the uses we propose, which include the following: greenspace for productive and therapeutic uses, education, recreation, and access; an active and open community hub; and affordable housing.


Morningside Traders Association 

Morningside Traders Association is an organisation of local business partners from the vibrant and popular shopping village of Morningside, Comiston and Churchhill areas in the south of Edinburgh.



Spokes is the Lothian Cycle Campaign – a non party political voluntary organisation, founded in 1977, and now with a membership of over 1000.  SPOKES has a long history of effective campaigning for better conditions for cyclists, especially in Edinburgh and the Lothians.