Sources of general information on planning

If you are interested in planning issues, it’s worth keeping up to date by following the blog produced by the City Planners at “. For a different slant on planning we recommend following Planning Democracy, a community based pressure group that reports widely held views on national issues such as the draft Scottish Planning Bill.

The Local Development Plan sets out what can be built and where in Edinburgh. The plan itself is a large document with a lot of supporting information and maps. You can also download planning guidelines such as “Guidance for Householders”, and documents giving supplementary guidance on such matters as the Bruntsfield Morningside Town Centre.

The current Local Development Plan was adopted in 2016. A new one is now in preparation which you can follow on the planning blog referred to above or by visiting CityPlan2030.

Conservation Areas have particular features which should be protected from inappropriate development. Their special nature is set out in “Character Appraisals“. We have 2 such areas: Morningside and Plewlands.

We’re blessed with a lot of trees in Morningside and they can also be protected under planning law if they’re on privately owned land. More information here