Community Councils are statutory consultees for planning applications.  Important local applications are flagged up at our meetings, often in advance via the Office Bearers’ Report, which is subsequently appended to the minutes.  We have other pages on finding out about planning applications, on general information on planning and about Midmar Paddock.  Some other current local issues are listed below.

Astley Ainslie Hospital.  NHS Lothian intends to move services from the site of the hospital (including Woodburn House) and put it on the market within the next few years.  Community Councils in the area and the Grange Association have formed the Astley Ainslie Community Engagement Group which meets regularly with NHS Lothian and the City planners in preparation for the sale.  The Engagement Group is also working closely with the Astley Ainslie Community Trust – a group of local residents exploring the idea of community ownership of the site.  There is much more information and regular updates on the Community Engagement Group’s website at

Former Cluny Centre  Following the rejection of the application for a change of use to a wedding venue, a new application has been made for conversion into residential flats.  We have supported this application and await its determination.

 7 Canaan Lane (site of former public toilets)  The application for a 6-storey block of 11 flats was turned down at the planning committee.  An appeal went to the Scottish Government Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) and was refused.  A new application was made, reference 18/01506/FU, for a 5-storey block but with the same overall height as the original.  This was granted on 20 June 2018.