Braidburn Terrace

Following consultation with residents in 2017 and 2018, the City Council intends to make Braidburn Terrace one-way eastbound (i.e. from Comiston Road towards Braid Road) and to improve the junctions at each end. The position in January 2019 is explained in this letter from the Council. In April, detailed plans were exhibited at a public meeting. In July we received preliminary notification of the required Traffic Regulation Order to make the street one-way and improve the junctions at each end, removing the mini-roundabout at the Braid Rd end. The full plan for the scheme, which includes a “toucan” crossing on Braid Rd by the entrance to Hermitage of Braid, is here. The Order also has a concomitant proposal for a one-way exit westbound from Braid Crescent – plan here.