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Update Feb  2017 After years of feinting things are moving at Craighouse. Finally there is some action in the long, & hitherto unnecessarily, fenced off site. They seem to be digging a huge pit for the anti-flooding tanks. Whether they actually start building/converting the existing buildings we shall see.  Meanwhile the woods and the Orchard remain open to the public. The traffic is down to a hard core of regular dog walkers & runners. Keep using it & you won’t lose it.

Thursday 12th May 2016 New planning application 16/02163/FUL to reduce the height of a chimney on New Craig and remove a set of gates at the Lodge entrance to permit construction traffic. 

Thur 30th April 2015.  The Friends of Craighouse confirm a legal action to challenge the consent granted to the Craighouse Partnership’s application.

MCC’s Press Statement following the Public Hearing on 3rd Sept can be read here

Wed 3rd September.  Development Management Sub-Committee votes 9-6 in favour of accepting the Craighouse Partnership’s planning application.

MCC Planning Officer Goff Cantley’s paper for today’s (3rd Sept) hearing can be read here

Wed 3rd September. Public Hearing, City Chambers, 10am

Friday 18th July. MCC submits its response to the Planning Department

Friday 11th July. Special Public Meeting for MCC to determine its response to the planning application based on residents’ views expressed at the meeting or in writing to the Planning Officer,  Minutes of this meeting are available here

Friday 4th July. Deadline for residents’ comments and objections to be submitted to the Planning Department.  Email the planner in charge: or write to: Head of Planning, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street EH8 8BG

Quote the planning reference no: 12/04007/SCH3,  Napier Campus  Craighouse  plus your name, address and the date.

Friday 13th June 2014. Date for Public Meeting for residents, St Peter’s Primary School, 7.30 – 9.30pm.

Tuesday 3rd June 2014. Planning briefing between MCC representatives Steve Gregory and Graham Cameron and the City of Edinburgh Council Planning Department.  Notes of this meeting are here.

Tuesday 27th May 2014.   Date that the Craighouse Partnership will submit Scheme 3.

25th April 2014. Meeting between The Craighouse Partnership and MCC.  Minutes are here.

17th March 2014.  Public hearing to be held by City of Edinburgh Council Planning Department.  Details to follow. Cancelled after the Craighouse Partnership withdrew Scheme 2.

16th January 2014.  Deadline for comments on revised Planning Application.

15th January 2014. MCC approves objection letter to Scheme 2.

8th January 2014. Special Public Meeting to discuss the revised Planning Application and decide on MCC’s response.  St Peter’s Primary School, 7.30pm. 

15th December 2013.  MCC’s briefing document

11 December 2013. Submission of revised Planning Application by the Craighouse Partnership.  Full details of the application can be viewed on-line at the Council’s Planning Portal at  You can view the details and/or submit comments.  Enter the reference no 12/04007/FUL.  Comments and objections must be lodged with the Council by Thursday 16th January 2014.

26 June 2013.  Expected date of Planning Committee decision

19 April 2013.  Expected date for Council to comment on the Details of the November application.  This may trigger a further round of consultation.

5 April 2013.  Date for submission of comments on the latest round of consultation, which is all about the supporting case for the application submitted in November.

13 March 2013.  Minutes  of special meeting.  Includes reports of meeting with Planning on 6 March and meeting with the Craighouse partnership on 11 March

20 January 2013.  Text of the Morningside CC comments on the Craighouse development HERE

Craighouse Planning Application – last date for public comments extended to 4 January 2013.   See full details in a letter from the Council HERE.

Craighouse Questionnaire is now closed.  Analysis can be viewed as an appendix to the Chair’s Report for the meeting on 19th December.

19 December  At the Community Council meeting  members voted to oppose the Craighouse Planning Application.  Full details to follow shortly.

7 December    PUBLIC MEETING
in St Peter’s primary school, Falcon Road at 7pm.
Chaired by Ian Murray MP
Speakers from The Craighouse Partnership and The Friends of Craighouse
followed by Public Questions

22 November     Exhibition in Morningside library.  The exhibition will remain till Friday 7th December.

22 November 2012     The Community Council has now received confirmation that the closing date for comments on 12/04007/FUL is 21 December.  This stands unless an extension is granted.  For 12/04007/LBC and 12/04007/CON it is 14 December. Questionnaires already printed say the 11th.  We will attempt to put an erratum slip with the questionnaires when they are delivered.  The website version is now amended.

12th November 2012 
    The Craighouse Partnership submitted a planning application to the City of Edinburgh Council on  for the ground at Craighouse, formerly Napier University campus.   Full details of the application can be viewed on-line at the Council’s Planning Portal at  You can view the details and/or submit comments.  Enter the reference no 12/04007/FUL, or 12/04007/LBC for the Listed Buildings Consent application.  Comments and objections must be lodged with the Council by Tuesday 11th December.

At present, Morningside CC’s position is to oppose the development (see below, 21 March 2012).  In the plans now submitted, the developers have taken on board some of the fears residents expressed to us.  There will be no building on The Orchard, and the total number of newbuild properties has been reduced by about a quarter.  Also, and very significantly, the Council is carrying out an investigation into transferring a substantial part of the woodland, and also the main open lawn area, into public or community ownership, which would safeguard public access to the site (see below, 6 November 2012).

In these circumstances, we think residents should have the chance to express their views again, and to that end we would like to gather as many views as possible from local residents and we have developed a questionnaire.  Please download HERE and return asap, and no later that 15th December by email to
or post to
Morningside Community Council
c/o The Open Door
420 Morningside Road
Edinburgh  EH10 5HY

You may also send your own comments on the application by post to: Head of Planning and Building Standards, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG, or online at  These must reach the Council by 11th December 2012.
6 November 2012       City of Edinburgh Council’s General Policy and Strategy Committee passed a MOTION to examine the possibility of transferring parts of the Craighouse Woodlands and open space to public or community ownership.
29 October 2012         Morningside and Craiglockhart CCs met with the Craighouse Partnership.  New plans were presented which differ in a number of respects from previous proposals.  Read minutes of the meeting HERE.
29 – 31 March 2012    The Craighouse Partnership held a number of exhibitions of their latest proposals.  The text of the exhibitions can be accessed from their website HERE (note – it is quite lengthy and users are advised to access the two sections, boards 1-5 and boards 6-11,  separately).
28 March 2012            Meeting of the Craighouse Forum.  This is a group of local organisations (called Stakeholders) formed to discuss the issues surrounding the proposed development.  The meeting discussed a total of 12 questions which the Craighouse partnership answered. Read the minutes of the Forum meeting  The Community Council has prepared detailed comments on both the presentation and the Forum discussion, which can be read HERE.
21 March 2012            Morningside Community Council at its March meeting adopted the following resolution.  “If the planning application for the Craighouse site proposes new development on areas which are designated in the Edinburgh City Local Plan as Open Space and/or Areas of Great Landscape Value, we will submit an objection.”

March 2012      Extract from MCC Newsletter
22 Feb 2012    A report was submitted to the Development Management sub-committee of the City of Edinburgh Council.  Read it HERE
24 November 2011     Members of Morningside CC met with representatives of the Craighouse Partnership to discuss the proposals. Read the notes from this meeting.