News and Events

Doors Open Day at Kings Buildings Saturday 23 September, 10 am to 4 pm.
A great opportunity to visit the science and engineering departments of one of the UK’s leading Universities.  Details on this flier.

Major roadworks Morningside Station and Comiston Road
The expected re-surfacing at Morningside Station and the northern part of Comiston Road (up to Braid Crescent) has been announced.    Work will start on 26 September and last for about 6 weeks.  The full details are in an e-mail from the City Council here.  Basically the work will be in 6 phases.   Phases 1-4 will be at the main Morningside Station junction from Maxwell Street to Morningside Drive, and will be controlled by temporary lights.   Phases 5 and 6 will be from Morningside Drive up Comiston Road to Braid Crescent.  For this section a similar system will be put in place to that used during the SGN works.  Northbound traffic will stay on Comiston Road; southbound will be diverted up Braid Road.  The outcome will be welcomed by cyclists and motorists alike.   We’ll just have to grit our teeth during the execution!

Guided tours of the Astley Ainslie Hospital grounds 30 September and 8 October
In preparation for the scheduled re-development of the AAH site (noted under Planning), the Community Councils in the area are offering guided tours for local residents to show what may be at stake.  Details on this flier.

Volunteer Recruitment Fair 20 September
A lot of events and services in Edinburgh depend on volunteers.  If you want to join in, this is the opportunity to do so.  11am to 7pm, St Paul’s and St George’s Church on York Place.

Edinburgh Rugby at Myreside
Edinburgh Rugby has announced its intention of returning to Myreside for 2017/18 season following the trial period last winter.  A 3-year partnership with George Watson’s College is envisaged.  As the existing planning permission expires in December 2017, a further application to extend it will have to be made.  Edinburgh Rugby promises further meetings with local residents to discuss its plans in more detail.

Road safety in Braid Road
Residents in and around Braid Road have been campaigning on road safety.   The City Council and Daniel Johnston MSP hosted a public meeting on 12 December 2016, the report on which is here.

There is a lot in it about the dangers at various junctions and on the steep, twisting section between Braidburn Terrace and Braid Hills Drive.  The possibility of making Braidburn Terrace one-way is also introduced though this was taken forward through a separate process.

There was a further public meeting on 31 January 2017 when residents could comment on plans for improvements.  This was followed in March by a public consultation.   The report on that, and the City Council’s response, is here.

The latest news from the Council (17 August) is that funding for 2017/18 has been promised to the tune of nearly £80,000.  The details are here.