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Parking in south Morningside
The City Council has started to consult residents about a westward extension of Priority Parking Area B2.  West of Comiston Rd, B2 currently only affects a few roads or parts of roads close to Comiston Rd.  Because one of the concerns is parking associated with the REH, the consultation will stretch right across to Morningside Grove and Craighouse Rd (plus Meadowspot and Myreside Court), and from Comiston Drive to Balcarres St and Craighouse Gdns.  We encourage everyone in that area to take the time to respond via the Council’s website at  The more responses the City Council gets, the better its eventual plans can reflect the views of residents.  Consultation closes on 31 December.

“Rendez-vous” lunches at Edinburgh Elim Church, Morningside Road
The Church (at 18 Morningside Road) is providing free “lunch and company” for the elderly fortnightly on Thursdays from 12.00 – 2.00 pm.  The first 3 dates are 23 November, 7 December and 18 January.  There’s a full list of dates at

Cluttered pavements
Pavement clutter by A-boards and goods displayed outside shops is a regular cause of complaint to us and other Community Councils across the City.  The City Council has a duty to ensure our streets are accessible and attractive to all users.  It has a set of guidelines to help achieve this while allowing businesses some latitude.  Unfortunately the guidelines are not actively enforced and are widely ignored, causing inconvenience to pedestrians (especially parents with buggies) and difficulties for wheelchair users and the visually impaired.  With other Community Councils, we’ve been pressing for a more effective approach.  The City Council is now considering a City-wide restriction on A-boards like that currently in place in parts of the City Centre.  Preliminary discussion of the proposal was at a workshop on 13 November, a report on which is here.

Heriot-Watt University – Healthy Ageing Project
This is a long-standing project that we have promoted on a number of occasions.  The current phase is studying how taking up a new activity might benefit people’s thinking skills and wellbeing as they get older. The project team is looking for people aged 65 and over in Edinburgh and the Lothians to take part. Volunteers will first complete some assessments at Heriot-Watt before being helped to take up a new activity in the community. After following the new activity for about 10 weeks, the researchers will assess how it might be associated with changes in thinking skills, health and wellbeing. There is more information about the research here.  If you are interested, you can get the full study information by e-mailing the research team at or calling 0131 451 8009.

Increased parking permit charges for diesel vehicles
Through its Parking Action Plan, the City Council is reviewing parking permits in Edinburgh “with the aim to improve air quality and enhance quality of life”.  As part of the review, residents and businesses are being consulted on a proposal to apply a surcharge on parking permits issued to owners of diesel vehicles. The consultation lasts until 28 January 2018.  There is an online questionnaire here; in addition paper copies will be available at libraries within the Controlled Parking Zone, including Morningside Library.

Morningside Post Office – September update
Early this year Post Office Ltd announced that it was looking for a partner in order to franchise out the PO services in Morningside.    We wrote to ask for further advice – a copy of our letter and the response is here.   We followed this up with a further request on the specific question of whether a franchisee could operate on the existing premises.   The text of the e-mail response on 6 February from Roger Gale (Sales and Trade Marketing Director) was as follows

We are currently advertising this branch and are at present engaging with all interested parties, as we have indicated that the current premises may be available.  We are exploring the option of a franchise partner operating from the existing premises as well as the option of relocating the branch to alternative premises within the area and as soon as we have a confirmed franchise partner for this branch we will inform you of the proposal.  I would like to assure you that in all of our discussions with potential partners, our aim is to maintain and secure Post Office services for the community of Morningside.”
In mid-September, we heard rumours that staff were being laid off pending closure of the PO.  We wrote to Mr Gale again.  The full text of his response is here but the crucial para is as follows
I can confirm that our staff have not been given notice that Morningside is to close.  The current position is, we have announced our intentions to seek a franchise partner for the branch.  As mentioned in my previous responses, we will then commence a six week period of public consultation to let customers and local representatives know the details of our specific branch proposal and everyone will be provided with the opportunity to let us know their views before we finalise our plans.”