Morningside Post Office

Early in 2017, Post Office Ltd announced that it was looking for a partner in order to franchise out the PO services in Morningside.    We wrote to ask for further advice – a copy of our letter and the response is here.   After a long hiatus, Post Office Ltd came forward with a definite proposal in October 2018 – to close the Crown PO in Morningside and the Bruntsfield sub-PO, and to open a new franchised PO at Church Hill in the premises formerly occupied by a school-clothing retailer.  We understand that the franchisee will be the current Post Master at Bruntsfield.  The new PO (due to open in February 2019) will not provide the biometric services for passports and driving licences that the current Crown PO offers.  The proposals are open to  consultation at the PO’s national consultation hub.

We’ll discuss whether or not to comment at our meeting on 17 October.