About us

Who we are

Community Councillors are residents of an area who act on behalf of local people to protect aspects of local life that are worth preserving, and encourage developments of benefit to the community.

We are non-political.  Local Councillors for Meadows-Morningside ward and local members of the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments are ex-officio members. See our Local Representation page.

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What we do

Our main responsibility is to act as a liaison between residents and official bodies, circulating information from the authorities to local people and passing on the views of local people to the Council and other relevant bodies.

An important aspect of our work is to monitor all local planning applications and, where appropriate, suggest amendments or submit written objections. See our Planning page.

We also involve ourselves in community affairs and events. We have links with schools and other organisations within our area.

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Where we are
Morningside lies within the City of Edinburgh, about 2 miles south of the city centre. It is an ‘Urban Village’ with excellent shopping and other amenities. It forms part of Morningside ward. Boundaries are from Newbattle Terrace / Morningside Place in the north to the south edge of Braidburn Valley Park / Riselaw Crescent in the south, and from Craighouse Road / Greenbank Road in the west to Canaan Lane / the west boundary of the Astley Ainslie Hospital / Blackford Hill in the eastBoundary map 300

Road A702 passes through Morningside. The area is well served by buses. Nos 5, 11, 15, 16, 23, 38 and 41, and night bus N16 all travel through the area. See Lothian Transport for details of bus routes and timetables.

Though the centre of Morningside is a busy built-up area, Morningside Community Council also covers an extensive open area to the south comprising the Braid Hills, Blackford Hill and lying between them the Hermitage of Braid. This provides residents with a wealth of outdoor recreation.

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Have your say

We try to take the majority view about local issues, but you can help by telling us what you think.  Contact us or come to a meeting.

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Neighbourhood Partnership & Locality

Our local Neighbourhood Partnership (local arm of the Council) is South Central NP.  It include 5 other neighbouring CCs, all of the local Councillors for Morningside and Southside/Newington wards and representatives from the Police, NHS Lothian and other bodies.  The NP office is at 40 Captain’s Road, EH17 8QF, tel 0131 529 515.   Morningside CC’s nominated member on the Neighbourhood Partnership Board is Steve Gregory .

Early in 2017, the City Council underwent a re-organisation into a “Locality” structure.  Morningside is in South East Locality, which includes the City Centre and stretches out to the City bypass.  The office is also at 40 Captain’s Road.  Neighbourhood Partnerships continue to exist within this but their role is uncertain at present.  A South East Locality Improvement Plan has been drafted for approval at the City Council’s Culture & Communities Committee in November

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