Community Council elections 2016

We encourage everyone interested in community affairs and local democracy to take an interest in the forthcoming elections and to consider standing as a Community Councillor.

Nominations for Community Councillors open on Monday 5 September when nomination forms can be obtained from Returning Officers, in our case Cllr Mark McInnes –  The rules for eligibility and conduct of the election are set by the City Council and detailed in the Council document .  Basically, you have to be over 16, living within the boundary of the Community Council (our boundary map) and you have to be nominated by two other residents.  Nominations close on 26 September.

The composition of CCs is determined by the City Council.  Morningside CC is entitled to 14 Elected Members.  If there are more than 14 nominations by 26 September, a poll will be declared, which will take place on 27 October.  All residents will be entitled to vote.  If at  close of nominations, there are between 7 and 14 nominations, all nominees will be declared elected unopposed.  If there are fewer than 7 nominations, Morningside CC will cease to exist.

Assuming, as we hope, that Morningside CC continues, we are entitled to 7 Nominated Members in addition to the Elected Members.  Nominated Members are those nominated by “Local Interest Groups”, such as Parent Councils, Friends organisations for local parks and local heritage groups.  Such groups have to register with the City Council, which decides on their eligibility.  Registration opens on 5 September and closes on 26 September, registration forms are available from the City Council’s Community Councils Liaison Officer at  If more than 7 Groups register, they will meet separately to elect the final 7.

There is more information on CCs at  The Council’s Community Councils 2016 election leaflet is here.

The Result

There were not enough valid nominations to make an election necessary. All members were either elected unopposed or co-opted as necessary.