Office Bearers [from October 2016]

Arne Strid;
Steve Gregory; Secretary
Goff Cantley Planning officer

Members – elected

Fiona Bell
Morris Bradley
Jens Eilers
Steve Gregory
Aline Haggart
Irene Harris
Shona Johnstone
Stan McWhirter
Jennifer Scarce
Arne Strid

Members – co-opted

Willie Black – IT Officer

Members – nominated

Goff Cantley – Friends of the Hermitage
Jill Powlett Brown – Morningside Heritage Association

Community Council members are elected for a term of three years, which is renewable.  Morningside has places for 14 elected members and 7 nominated members representing local organisations.Elections took place in September 2016. There are now 11 elected members, 2 co-opted members and 2 nominated members, all full voting members of Morningside Community Council.

Office Bearers were elected by the membership at the October 2016 meeting.