About us

Who we are

Community Councils are created by national legislation and administered by local authorities.  There are over 40 CCs in Edinburgh.  We act on behalf of local people to represent their views and promote our community.  Our members are elected by residents or nominated by local organisations.  Our Constitution is here.

We are non-party-political.  Our local political representatives (Ward Councillors, MP, MSPs and MEP) are ex-officio members.  They have no vote on the CC but we rely a lot on their help and advice.

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What we do

We try to represent all the residents in Morningside.  We talk to the City Council and other public bodies about local problems and try to get them resolved.  So if you are bothered about anything, from uneven pavements to policing, contact us or come to a meeting and tell us about it.  We try to take the majority view about local issues, but you can help by telling us what you think.

One important aspect of our work is to monitor local planning applications and, where appropriate, suggest amendments or submit written objections. See our Planning page. 

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Where we are
This is our area boundary.Boundary map 300

If you’re elsewhere in the City, you can find your CC from the Edinburgh Atlas.  Select the layer for “admin boundaries”, then “community councils”.  Enter your address in the box at top left of the map, when your address is marked, double click on that CC area and its name and contact details will appear.

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Neighbourhood Partnership & Locality

One of our most important contacts with the City Council and other public bodies is through the Neighbourhood Partnership.  There are 12 NPs in the City – ours is  South Central NP.  It includes 5 other neighbouring CCs, all of the local Councillors for Morningside and Southside/Newington wards and representatives from the Police, NHS Lothian and other bodies. Early in 2017, the City Council underwent a re-organisation into a “Locality” structure which has subsumed some of the activities of the NPs.  They continue to exist but their role is uncertain at present.  Morningside is in South East Locality, which includes the City Centre and stretches out to the City bypass.  It is directed by a Locality Committee comprising all the Ward Councillors from the area.

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